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Embedded Software Engineering with 4 years of experience and wide range of skills and knowledge. Currently focusing on Automotive Embedded Development

I am working for FPT Software. My focus is on the automotive software engineering learning A-SPICE, AUTOSAR and OSEK & RTOS. Improving and maintain a good relationship with team and customer.

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Personal Abilities

Always be better than the yesterday you.

Critical Thinker

I analyze and create balance perspective to be able to asses conditions and scenarios.

Problem Solver

Always create plan on how to solve problems that you have encounter. Step by step problem tracing and create solutions is better for other to understand

Work Ethic

Prioritize responsibility without compromising life and social


Education is a key component for unlocking your potential.

Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering Major in Mechatronics and Robotics

Mapua Institute of Technology
ICCAE 2020: Proceedings of the 2020 12th International Conference on Computer and Automation - Development of Microcontroller-based LED Sunphotometer with Sun tracking System for Measuring Aerosol Optical Properties Portable-Automated Attendance System using RIFD



Industry Experiences

I been in the embedded system industry for 4 years and I gain alot of experience knowledge that I can apply with future employee

Automotive Software Engineer (AUTOSAR Developer) - FPT Software Ho Chi Minh 

October 2022 ─ Present

Continuously improving embedded system knowledge. Providing excellent engineering service for the customer. Part of a team that develops the XCP communication module using AUTOSAR platform. Maintaining OS stack by providing development and bug-fixing CI/CD automation for Software verification.
Skills use is AUTOSAR, ASAM, Emebdded C, SVN, A-SPICE, V-Model

Software Embedded Engineer (Mid Developer) - FPT Software Philippines

October 2022─ January 2022

I join FPT Software Philippines to improve my embedded knowledge. One of the projects was to reverse engineer the client's hardware product in order to develop new iteration of the hardware and software components of the product line. We provide documents and system design analysis for the client hardware product.
Skills use is UML, Emebdded C, System Analysis, IOT, Software Design, Agile Methodology

Java Support Developer

April 2022─ June 2022

I joined Accenture to improve my skills as a software developer. I have been assigned to be a Java Support Developer for a new client of Accenture. I have joined bootcamps that were provided, and the company also help me to improve my communication and people’s skills.  The Project was a startup client with unpredictable challenges and knowledge learning that I have been able to provide my expertise. I was able to provide the support and knowledge to my colleagues and leads.
Skills such as Java, ITIL Management, BI Reporting, VM utilization is the key skills I gain and experience within the stay in the company.

Project Development Engineer

August 2019─ April 2022

Joining Thales as a Software Engineer. I particularly work with Mobility Connectivity Solutions under SIM Cards.  The job is to be a Project Development engineer that create and customized Operating System and Software Components for Smart Cards. Particularly, doing software configuration and data generation for our clients and be able to help with the delivery of SIM Cards around the world. Our goal is to connect as many people by providing an interrupted delivery of projects to our customer. Skills such as embedded C, VB.Net, C#, SVN, Mecurial, PTC Integrity, Git, Waterfall Methodology, Problem Solving and Project Management is the key skills I learn and experience in within the stay on the company

Software Quality Tester

April 2017─ Novemember 2017

Preparing for reality. I have my internship on Deltek. This is a close step towards what we dream to be. On my internship, I learn good practices and ethics towards other workplace. Not only it teaches us how to start our career but also how to have fun to work. Deltek gives intern students a better experience and promotes better understanding of workplace ethics. It also provides rewards when you excel with the task given to you.


Skills I learned through the years.

Its hard to accurately rate yourself because we still keep learning and knowledge is such a wonderful thing to have.


Embedded C


Visual Basic / VB.Net



I Answer Your Questions

I know you have some question but I cannot anwere it all here. Maybe you and I go coffee sometimes and talk about me and how I can contribute to you in the future.


What is your College degree?


I have taken Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering major in Mechatronics and Robotics at Mapua Institute of Technology (Mapua University).


What are your life Goals?


My life goals it to have a balance life-work and social life. I am focus now to develop more of my embedded engineering skills and improve also my social and life skills.


What are your Hobbies?


I love riding motorcycles, It gives me peace of mind when I travel for longer distance. All the adrenaline and risk make it more exciting. I also preferred Hiking, Traveling and being close to nature as possible. Wildlife and Forestry also interest me.


How do you deal with problems?


I tend to always think the fastest way to solve and keep it within myself and have it as a baseline. Then add the what-ifs to apply different scenarios as possible. In this way I can come up with a quick fix before thinking for more efficient way to solve it.

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